Board diagnostic using ABI IC Tester, replace BGA Chip using PDR Rework Station, and IC being re-program using Xeltek Atmel Avr Programmer

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Xeltek is the leading supplier of cost effective programming solutions for memories, microcontrollers and programmable logic devices. Xeltek's family of universal programmers and adapters, combined with unparalleled device, software and customer support, provide a complete range of solutions from engineering development through volume production. We provide total solution of device programming with SuperPro® series device programmers, from engineering to production, from PC based to stand-alone, from EPROM Programmer to NAND Flash Programmer.


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What separates SuperPro from all other programmers?


  • Largest Device Support in the industry: 98,100+ devices and growing each day
  • Two programmers in one: Stand-alone operations and PC mode operations (No PC needed in stand-alone operation for volume programming)
  • Comprehensive device package type support through 1000+ socket adapters available
  • Full Support via Device Search, Live Chat, Create a Ticket, Phone and Forum/Blog options
  • Built-in ARM7/9/11 RISC MCU, runs on its own processor. Unlike other FBGA based programmers on the market, you will experience the fastest programming privileges
  • Xeltek programmer line-up is the most robust in the industry. From low-cost universal programmer, to high performance 144pin Engineering programmers, to industrial grade In-System-Programmer, to 4 socket concurrent gang programmers, to flexible cluster volume programming system, to   Automatic programmers, Xeltek covers complete spectrum of programming requirement unmatched by any other manufacturer in the industry.
  • Located in the heart of Silicon Valley where surrounded by all electronics companies. And with new programmers' line-up and the most sophisticated technology, provides the fastest support for the most recent devices.


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